At what age do children start to see a dentist?
The ideal age for a child to first visit a dentist is around 3 years. All of the primary teeth should be erupted at that time, so that can carefully be evaluated. It is advisable for the child to be kept apart from the parent at an early age to get used to the “dental office experience.” It is a fun visit with a ride in the chair, the counting of the teeth and some light polishing of the teeth.

Is your facility handicap accessible?
Yes. Our office is a quite new facility, so all treatment rooms are of a size to accommodate a patient restricted to a wheelchair. Our office is in a one floor building, so there are no stairs to contend with upon entering the building.

Do you offer orthodontic treatment in your practice?
Yes we do. Dr. Carlo has training in orthodontics, although he is not an orthodontist. All patients are evaluated on a continual basis regarding orthodontic considerations. Any cases that would not be normally handled by our office are referred to one of several orthodontists in the area.

Do you do tooth whitening procedures in your office?
Yes we can offer one of a few options for tooth whitening. Adherent strips or whitening trays would be used, depending on the patient's wishes. A value added choice would be to have two people agree to have the tray technique used for their whitening.

Do you offer nitrous oxide in your office?
We do offer nitrous oxide analgesia (laughing gas) to our apprehensive patients. In most cases, local anesthesia is still necessary prior to dental treatment but is much easier to administer after nitrous oxide is used.

What type of insurance plans do you accept?
Our office staff is very well versed in insurance matters. Although we participate in a limited number of insurance plans, we will be happy to look into what plan that you may have for dental benefits. Our staff will look into all pertinent details for you, so that your insurance questions will be answered adequately.

Do you have evening office hours?
Due to patients' busy schedules, we are happy to offer early evening hours for our patients on both Tuesday and Wednesday.