1) Continuity of Care
Know the importance and benefits of regular visits to the dentist.

2) Effective Brushing
Very thorough 2-3 minute brushing on a daily basis.

3) Floss Daily
To remove plaque from areas that the brush doesn't reach.

4) Strive for the Best Treatment
Restore any teeth or area of the mouth to its optimal level.

5) Educate Yourself
Take the time to learn about any dental innovations, updates, and/or technique improvements.

6) Referrals are Welcomed
A happy patient is more likely to refer family, friends or colleagues to the dental office.

7) Plan Ahead
Project any comprehensive treatment so it fits with your long-range plans and budget.

8) Express Yourself
Freely affirm to friends good things that have happened at your dental office.

9) Improve the Office
If you learn of any new innovations, let the dentist know about it.

10) We'll Help with Other Needs
If you need a referral outside of our office, we'll provide that.